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2022 Women’s World Cup awarded to Australia; number of participants reduced to 12. Why? Here is how to grow the game and make the event more competitive.

By ALAN WALLS Welcome to the fourth edition of The International Basketball Opinion, the world’s newest and only blog specifically dedicated to international basketball current events and news. Last week FIBA announced Australia as the host country for the 2022 Women’s World Cup. Australia edged out Russia for the right to host “FIBA’s women’s flagship event.” Stated FIBA President Hamane Niang to "We look forward to the biggest women's event in basketball taking place in Sydney and also the 12-month qualification period that will take place to be among the 12 teams playing in Australia." Wait, what? 12 teams? But the 2018 Women’s WC had 16 teams. A four-team reduction? Why? How can this be when on the men’s side teams were increased at the 2019 World Cup from 24 to 32? Keep reading, I will give you my take below. Anyways, congratulations to Australia… yet I cannot say the same to the game of women’s basketball, the players nor