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NBA & FIBA airball Basketball Africa League naming, branding and imaging

By ALAN WALLS Welcome to The International Basketball Opinion, the world’s only blog specifically dedicated to international basketball news, business and current events.    It was announced this week that the Basketball Africa League (BAL), a partnership between the NBA and FIBA, will finally tipoff May 16th with all 26 games taking place in the Rwandan city of Kigali. This is GREAT news for the NBA, FIBA as well as basketball players, coaches and fans from across the African continent! It is really going to happen! Congratulations to both the NBA and FIBA for their efforts in coming together to grow the game in Africa and push this project through, despite the many obstacles caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic. This is also great news as there is still plenty of time for the NBA and FIBA to reconsider their questionable decisions regarding the naming, branding and imaging of the BAL before the first game is played. Here is what I mean. NAME Actual name: Basketball Africa League Wh